Haohan Yang


M.S. Computer Science

August 2013 – May 2015
University of Southern California

B.E. Software Engineering

August 2009 – June 2013
Dalian University of Technology


Web Developer

January 2015 – May 2015
USC Information Science Institute
  • Developed a responsive Bootstrap template and applied it to all project pages. (example)
  • Created a widget to generate word cloud from papers on the fly using D3.js.

Full Stack Developer

April 2015 – April 2015
  • Revamped the homepage template using Bootstrap.
  • Implemented sign-up and apply-with-facebook in Django.

Software Engineer Intern

January 2013 – May 2013
VMware, Inc
  • Created a chrome extension for VMware Horizon Workspace.
  • Implemented real-time interaction with server using Ajax long polling.


Improving Text Recognition Results in Scanned Maps

Automatically compare the recognition results with existing geographic names and find the best match efficiently.

  • Integrated multiple geographic data sources into PostGIS spatial database.
  • Developed a scalable method to find the best match by combining Jaccard and Needleman-Wunch algorithm.

Information Retrieval from Big Data

Build a system to process 40GB of crawled job postings in South America and retrieve relevant information in real time for each user search.

  • Implemented simhash algorithm to remove duplicates and near-duplicates in job postings.
  • Designed a ranking method for job postings and indexed them into Solr.
  • Created a web application to communicate with Solr by JSONP and visualize results using D3.js.

PHP eCommerce Website

Build an eCommerce website with an employee side to manage products and a customer side to sell products.

  • Designed database tables in MySQL with phpMyAdmin.
  • Implemented role-based access control on employee side.
  • Implemented shopping cart management and product list pagination on customer side.

Weenix OS Kernel

Work in a team to create a non-preemptive kernel on top of Weenix operating system.

  • Implemented mutex, thread context switch and scheduling.
  • Collaborated with others to implement virtual file system and virtual memory.

Web Apps

Word Definition

  • Get instant definition in a bubble for any selected English word on a web page.

Rails Admin Dashboard

  • Display order list with pagination and show recommended products for each user.

Flight Ticket Assistant

  • Automatically find the best flight deals on StudentUniverse based on your preference.


Languages Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, C/C++, PHP, HTML, Sass, SQL
Frameworks Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, Django, jQuery, Angular, D3.js
Software Git, Grunt, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Heroku, Solr, Elasticsearch, Docker